Documents of interest

IV MFW Tuesday - Water and Forest

PDF icon A. Cabello - How to integrate the sustainable development into water management1.51 MB
PDF icon D. White - Forest and Water policy in Australia1.75 MB
PDF icon J. Fiquepron - Drinking water from forest, a richness1.16 MB
PDF icon P. Martinez de Anguita - Pagos por servicios ambientales hídricos4.32 MB
PDF icon T. Hofer - State of scientific knowledge on water and forest987.3 KB

IV MFW Tuesday - Side Event Protected Areas

PDF icon M. Lovero - Le projet MEDFORVAL ÔÇô r+®seau de territoires bois+®s +á haute valeur +®cologique857.99 KB

IV MFW Tuesday - Mediterranean bioeconomy

PDF icon R. Maneja Zaragoza - Conclusions from the Barcelona conference1.78 MB

IV MFW Tuesday - Innovation in the mediterranean sector

PDF icon I. Martinez de Arano - Innovation in Mediterrenean Sector2.91 MB

IV MFW Tuesday - Follow-up of the Tlemcen Declaration

PDF icon C. Besacier - Session on Follow up of Tlemcen Declaration1.86 MB
PDF icon Y. Saadani - Strategie de developpement durable des forets et des parcours en Tunisie 2015 - 20241.44 MB

IV MFW Tuesday - Energy and Forest

PDF icon A. Mugnier - A successful example of energy generation from forest biomass E.ON Gardanne1.52 MB
PDF icon J. L. ABIAN - Biomasa certificada PEFC, garant+¡a de origen sostenible1.55 MB
PDF icon Requardt Aljoscha - Wood as a source of energy56.83 KB

IV MFW Wednesday - Tourism and Forests

PDF icon C. De Marzo - European Tourism Indicator System627.87 KB
PDF icon Cazorla - Life in green under the sun7.95 MB
PDF icon Cork Forest Conservation Alliance - Cork Forest Eco-Tour of Spain3.1 MB
PDF icon H. FAWAZ - Tourguide_syndicate2.51 MB
PDF icon M. Valderrabano - Mediterranean Experience of EcoTourism2.41 MB
PDF icon P. MARTINEZ_de_ANGUITA - LandsCare como sistema de pago por servicios ambientales basado en el paisaje3.84 MB
PDF icon S. KHELIFA - Tourisme et For+¿ts, lectures crois+®es1.39 MB

IV MFW Wednesday - SMDD side event

PDF icon N. Bourlion - Les messages forestiers dans la SMDD331.26 KB
PDF icon Plan Bleu - Review of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development491.3 KB
PDF icon Plan Bleu - United Nations Environment Programme1.51 MB

IV MFW Wednesday - Gender in Forestry

PDF icon H. Strobert Beloud - Gender in Forestry3.22 MB

IV MFW Wednesday - Forests Products

PDF icon D. Abdelwahed - Chaine de valeur des Champignons comestibles en Tunisie1.17 MB
PDF icon G. Marggraff - Short introduction to the value chain approach407.57 KB
PDF icon K. El Rhaffouli - ACCN Maroc ABS427.09 KB
PDF icon L. Keca - NWFP Value Chain in Serbia1.18 MB
Package icon ABS Simply Explained - English French subtitles28.25 MB


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